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July 19, 2006: IMPORTANT NOTICE for clients using their email address. We have a new email server coming online today, July 19, 2006. The new server requires a slight change in your email software setup. Instead of using just your account user name as your user name for accessing our email servers from this date forward you will need to use your email address as your login user name for accessing the mail servers. So, for example, if your current email server login name is tiger you should now enter in the login box for accessing email. Let us know if you have any questions at

Feb. 1, 2006: Some of you may be getting a message window popping up when you start up the tunnel software that tells you that it is time to upgrade your tunnel softwared. Please ignore this message, it was accidentily built into the last version of software we made. We do not have an upgrade available yet, and it will not be ready for about 3 months. Plesae simply click the ok button on that screen and then logon as normal to the tunnel software.

Please allow 15 minutes from time of sign up for your user name and password to activate on our secure tunneling servers. Please remember that when logging onto the SecureNNTP tunneling servers that your user name and password ARE case sensitive.

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To use our free SecureNNTP Tunnel software (easiest set up) follow this link for software download and set up instructions Click Here

Internet Software Setup
if the software you would like to use is not listed below, please contact support.

Internet Explorer Read Instructions Download Here
Netscape Read Instructions Download Here
General Web Browser Read Instructions

Email Software Setup
if the software you would like to use is not listed below, please contact support.

Outlook Express Read Instructions Download Here

Usenet Software Setup
if the software you would like to use is not listed below, please contact support.

NewsPro* Read Instructions Download Here Easy Setup!
Forte Agent Read Instructions Download Here
News Rover* Read Instructions Download Here
NewsBin Pro* Read Instructions Download Here
Outlook Express Read Instructions
How can I use encryption software with my own usenet newsgroup service (other than

* These software packages have a 30-day trial version.

Set up instructions for use with Mirc clients.

Set up instructions for use with Kazaa file trading software.

Windows XP service pack 2 hotfix.

Advanced Users
Run Any Internet software through the tunnel program if you have purchased the web browsing package as part of your service. Good for running online poker programs, file trading programs etc...

Download SocksCap program here

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