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Thoth News Reader set up instructions

This tutorial will demonstrate the procedure for setting up Thoth to access Servers through a secure tunnel. For general operation instructions, consult the help documentation that came with the software or the Thoth web site.

1. First, click here hosts.txt and on the page that opens up copy the text and past it into a plain text file on your computer using a text writing program like Notepad and save the file to your "home" directory. Save the file to your home directory as just plain " hosts " with no file extension.

2. Open the terminal application. Applications > Utilities >

3. Type this command: sudo niload hosts / < hosts

4. Enter your master password when prompted.
What this does is it allows you to name the servers in Thoth instead of using the loopback, that way you know which server you are connecting too.

5. Now open Thoth.

6. Open the File menu and select New News Server.

7. In the News Server field, enter the name of the news server without the at the end, then enter the corresponding port number from the list at the bottom of this page behind the name seperated by a colon. For example - binaries-east:1192

8. From the pull down menu, select Authentication. Enter your or Username and password. Click the Authenticate When Connecting to News Server radio button. Push OK. This server is now set to go through the tunnel.

9. Ok, now repeat steps 5 through 9 for each server address you wish to set up.

10. Please contact if you have any problems or questions about this set up. We will be glad to help. Below you will find the list of server names and corresponding port settings.

Ports for secure tunneling server

binaries-east port# 1192
adult-east port# 1193
text-east port# 1194
exe-east port# 1195
mp3-east port# 1196
multimedia-east port# 1197
images-east port# 1198

Ports for secure tunneling server

spamfree port# 1201
multimedia-west port# 1202
images-west port#1203
anonymous port# 1204
mp3-west port# 1205
cache port#1206
family port# 1207
binaries-west port# 1208
adult-west port# 1209
exe-west port# 1210
text-west port# 1211

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