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Set up: SecureNNTP Tunnel Launcher Software (For PC's Only)

This tutorial will demonstrate the procedure for setting up SecureNNTP Tunnel Launcher to forward all data through SecureNNTPs protected Tunneling servers.
1. If you are using a PC (not Mac) and if you have not already done so, please download SecureNNTP Tunnel Launcher software here.
2. Once downloaded, unzip the installer, and double click on SecureTunnelSetup.exe
3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete set up. When the set up panel asks if you want to have the installer place tunnel launcher in your start up menu, start menu and/or as a desktop icon it is best to choose desktop icon only. You will need to double click the desktop icon whenever you want to start up the tunnel launcher.
4. Once installed, launch the application.
5.If you purchased the web surfing protection package only then flip the drop down box to and enter your user name and password in the appropriate boxes. Check the box that says "store user name/password as global". Click the connect button for and you are finished with tunneling software setup. Now go to Internet Software Setup instructions for your web browser type.

If you purchased only the Usenet newsgroup protection package then set up your user name and password for and Check the box that says "store user name/password as global" and click the connect button for each. You are now finished with the tunneling software setup. Now go to Usenet Software Setup instructions.

If you purchased the full web surfing and Usenet security packages then do the set up for both of the above SecureNNTP Tunnel software portions.
6. You can also connect to each server by double clicking on the 3 boxes at the bottom of the Secure software screen.

SecureNNTP Tunnel Launcher has the ability to automatically connect, if you would like to set this feature up please continue on to the advanced features section.

To setup any Newreader, just simply add an sn- to the begining of any server.




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