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Outlook Express set up:

If you know how to set up a new news server in Outlook Express set up for Securenntp access is easy. Simply set up the news server addresses in Outlook Express like you normally would, only add sn- before each server address. For example: . That is all you need to do. Make sure you are connected to our secure tunneling servers with our secure launcher program first, then connect with Outlook Express to the servers you want and download away. If you don't know how to set up a new news server address in Outlook Express then follow the instructions below.

1. Open Outlook Express.

2. Click on "Tools" in the command bar.

3. In the drop down box click on "accounts".

4. In the panel click the "news" tab.

5. Click on the "add" button.

6. In the pop up click on "news".

7. In the pop up where it says display name type in what you want to appear in any messages you send as your name, for example John Smith. It is best to use a fake name. Then click Next.

8. In the email address box it is best to type in a fake email address, for example. Click Next.

9. This next box is important, where it asks for news server name type in sn- "followed by one of the or server addresses for example: or . You must have the sn- in front of the server name, this is what tells Outlook to connect to the server using one of our secure tunneling newsgroup encryption servers. Check the box that says " My news server requires me to logon" . Click the Next button.

10. In this next panel where it says "account name" type in your or user name. Your user name may possibly be different so make sure you are typing in your or user name. In the password from your or membership in the password box. Check the remember password box if you wish Outlook Express to hold that information for you. Do Not Check the bottom box that says "logon using secure password authentication". Click Next.

11. On the next panel click "Finish".

12. When the panel closes click "close" on the Internet Accounts panel.

13. A box will pop up asking you if you wish to download the list of newsgroups from this new server. Before downloading the newsgroup list you must be connected to our tunnel-east and tunnel-west servers using the secure launcher program before you can download anything so make sure your secure launcher program is installed and connected.

14. Follow steps 1 through 13 for each of the / servers you wish to set up in Outlook Express.

15. If you have any problems or questions please feel free to contact us at for assistance.

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