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Outlook Express Set-up Instructions

If you are using a dial up connection with Internet Explorer please click here

This tutorial will demonstrate the procedure for setting up Outlook Express for access to the mail servers. The ST software is preconfigured for the securenntp mail servers. If you are using software other than the ST software, additional configuration will be required.

01. From the tools menu, select accounts and then
select the mail tab.

02. Click the add button then select mail.

03. Enter your name in the "display name" field then click next.

04. In the e-mail address, enter your securenntp e-mail address in the form of and click next.

05. In the POP server box enter "",then in the SMTP server box enter "",andthen click next.

06. Enter your securenntp username and password in the specified fields. Click next.

Outlook Express Server Names

The following portion of the setup instructions demonstrate how to enable SMTP traffic to the securenntp mail servers.

07. From the tools menu, select accounts and then
select the mail tab

08. Select the securenntp e-mail account and then click the "Properties" button.

09. Click on the "Servers" tab.

10. Under the heading "Outgoing Mail Server", check the box marked "My server requires authentication".

11. Click OK and you are now ready to use the securenntp mail servers

12. You can also use the securenntp SMTP server for other mail accounts. Just enter as the SMTP server and ensure that you are authenticating to the server.


13. IMPORTANT: you must be connected to the "web-tunnel" for secure email to work.


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