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Mirc Setup Instructions

To make MIRC completely safe, it is a little more complicated to setup than normal software. Just setting a firewall or proxy preference does not block out your IP from transfering. In order to fully be protected you need to have the tunnel itself make the connect by using a port forward directly to the IRC server you like. Here is the instructions on how to go about doing that.

1. First. select an IRC Server you would like to connect to, there is a list built into mIRC. To find it go to File > Options > Then look through the list under IRC Networks.

1. After finding the server you would like to connect to, you need to add the address to your ST Launcher or other SSH Software.

2. For ST Launcher, go to Tools > Config. For other SSH Software go to step 3.

3. You must add a tunnel connection for the IRC Server you would like to connect to in the Webtunnel server. In the port forwards definitions, add the following Port forward:

Local Address Loc. Port Remote Address Rem. Port 6667* 6667
Your Configure window should look something like this:

* Your local port can be just about any unused port, start with any ports 6667 and move up from there. You can add as many IRC Servers as you like, just add additional by starting a new line item, and changing the Local port number to 666x

5. Make Sure to push the edit button when finished

6. Now push the close button.

7. Now Disconnect & Reconnect again.

8. Open MIRC again

9. Go to File > Options

10. Click on Add

11. In Description, name the server whatever the true name is plus add "ST" or some other note so you know that this one connects via

11. For IRC Server, Enter

12. For Port, Enter 6667*

*Use the port number you defined for the server in the SecureNNTP Launcher.

13. You may want to add this to a group call "SecureNNTP IRC" or something to that effect for easy filing.

add server image

14. Click the add button

15. If you want to add more IRC Server, repeat from step 3, otherwise click ok

9. Now from the File Menu choose Connect, it should successfully connect and report you as coming from (

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