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Kazaa Setup Instructions:

1. Open your SecureNNTP Launcher or other SSH Tunnel Software

2. For SecureNNTP Launcher, go to Tools > Config. For other SSH Software go to step 3.

3. You must add a tunnel connection for Socks 5 to the Webtunnel server. In the port forwards section add the following Port forward:

Local Address Loc. Port Remote Address Rem. Port 1079 1080

kazaa/socks image

5. Make Sure to push the edit button when finished

6. Now push the close button.

7. Now Disconnect & Reconnect again.

8. Open Kazaa Lite

9. Go to Options > Kazaa Lite Options

10. Click on the Firewall Tab

11. Check the box that says "Use SOCKS5 Proxy Server"

12. For Host, Enter

13. For Port, Enter 1079


**Using Kazaa through, all of your downloads will be proected, however, if you chose to share files, those files will expose your computer, and you will not be protected by the SecureNNTP servers. We highly recommend Disabling of sharing on your computer. If you would like to disable sharing, please continue with the setup.

14. Now Click on the Traffic Tab

15. Check the box that says "Disable sharing of files with other users"

kazaa disable share image

9. Push OK.

8. Disconnect Kazaa & reconnect. You are now running under the protection of .

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