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Internet Explorer Set-up Instructions

If you are using a dial up connection with Internet Explorer please click here

1. From within internet explorer choose the "tools" menu

2. Select "Internet Options"

3. Open the "Connections" tab

4. Open the "LAN Settings" box in the bottom Right corner of the window

5. Uncheck the box marked "Automatically detect settings"

6. Check the box next to "Use a proxy for your LAN"

7. In the address enter "localhost" or ""

8. Set the port to 8080

NOTE for WIN98 SE users: If you are using Windows 98 Second Edition you must also check the box that says "bypass the proxy server for local addresses", this is important.

9. That's it. Now close your web browser then re-start it. Your now set to surf the web anonoymously. Remember that you always need to start the secure tunnel program before you begin surfing and connect to the "webtunnel". If you don't you will get a "cannot reach host" error.

10. Once you have restarted IE click on this link IP TEST . A web page should load, when it does, scroll to the bottom paragraph of the page. In that paragraph you will see a report on what your current IP address is. You should recieve an ip address between the range of and or you might see any number between the range of and if you are connected properly to our tunnel. Any number within these IP ranges is good. Once this has been verified you can click the proceed button on that page and take their computer security test. You should get perfect scores for computer security when using our tunneling software correctly. If you get any other IP range then you are not connecting though the tunneling servers correctly. Contact for assistance after double checking that you have the secure launcher program running and that you are connected to the tunneling servers and that you have entered steps 1-9 correctly.

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