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Setup Instructions for Hogwasher

1. Open hogwasher and cancel all wizzard setup options.
2. Click on the Setup menu and select Accounts.
3. Push the New button in the upper left hand corner, select News and push OK
4. In the Account Name field, enter the name of the server you will be setting up.
5. In the News Server field, enter
6. Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields, and check Always Authenticate
7. In the Port Number field, enter the port number correct port number according to table 1-1 below.
8. Repeat these steps for each server you are going to add to Hogwasher.

Table 1-1 Port#

binaries-east 1192
Adult-east 1193
text-east 1194
Exe-east 1195
Mp3-east 1196
Multimedia-east 1197
Images-east 1198 port #

Spamfree 1201
Multimedia-west 1202
Images-west 1203
Anonymous 1204
Mp3-west 1205
Cache 1206
Family 1207
binaries-west 1208
Adult-west 1209
Exe-west 1210
Text-west 1211

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