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what is it? why do I need it? how do I get it?

NOTE: SocksCap* is a very easy way to run virtually any internet software through Secure-Tunnel. You may download SocksCap free of charge here.

  1. Close all your currently running software programs.
  2. Run SocksCap and your tunnelling software (like SN Launcher) that connects to Secure-Tunnel.
  3. In the SocksCap menu go to File > Settings.
  4. For the SOCKS Server enter and enter 1079 for the Port.
  5. Select the radio button that says SOCKS Version 5.
  6. Select the radio button that says Resolve all names remotely.
    Your Settings window should look like this:

SocksCap Settings

  1. Click Ok
  2. Now simply drag and drop virtually any internet software into the SocksCap box.
  3. You can now run that software through Secure-Tunnel by opening it through SocksCap.

SocksCap Path

* SocksCap is a product of Permeo Technologies, Inc

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