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what is it? why do I need it? how do I get it?
*what you read is your business
securenntp provides:
> IP Shielding
> Port Masking
> SSH Secure Encryption
> SSL Secure E-mail (coming soon)
> Safe and Secure Usenet
Our new easy to use, very stable, very fast, VPN software for Windows and Windows 7 is available now.
Our new VPN software utilizes a very robust 2048 bit encryption for all internet traffic giving you an extremely high level of security. Now offers an easy to use VPN software too. With VPN there is no configuration required to your internet programs. All internet traffic will automatically go through the tunnel making it simple to use even if you know very little about computers. This is a must have to protect your privacy.

THE ULTIMATE IN ANONYMOUS WEB SURFING AND SSH ENCRYPTED NEWSGROUPS. Easy to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) Now with 2048 bit encryption!

What is anonymous surfing and secure tunneling?

Why do I need it?

Where you go and what you do on the Internet is no ones business but your own.

No Special Encryption software to purchase, we provide our VPN tunneling software with 2048 bit encryption free to our members.

What you do, where you go, and what you download from the internet will be masked from everyone else including your own ISP. Our SSH Secure Tunneling servers and software give you the ultimate in internet protection, anonymous web surfing and encrypted file downloading, chat, messengers, game play. All for under $10/month.

When you use our Virtual Private Network (VPN) system everything you do on the World Wide Web will be hidden from any prying eyes. Your IP address will be hidden, the port you are using will be masked, everything you download will be encrypted with 2048 bit encryption. Not even your ISP will be able to tell what you are downloading/uploading. Yes, our encryption works with your favorite file trading programs, Kazaa, Mirc clients, chat programs, Usenet newsreaders!

Our tunneling will work with any Usenet provider, no need to purchase a special usenet account.

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SecureNNTP.Com secure tunneling works great with all Window's operating systems including Windows 7.

Other secure tunneling companies make you purchase expensive tunneling software (up to $200.00) to run on your computer. At we provide you with a choice of tunneling software for free. It is already configured for our tunneling servers you just add your user name and password.

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