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General Setup Information

General Setup Instructions for SecureNNTP.Com's Secure Tunnel System offers several levels of service. This tutorial will offer advice and guidlines on setting up the service to best suit your needs
SSH Secure Tunnel- Depending on the level of membership you purchase, you will connect to one, or several SSH protected servers using our free SN ( launcher SSH client software or your own SSH client software such as Entunnell, SecureCRT or Open SSH. We recommend using SN Launcher due to the ease of setup and use. Our main protected server, provides secure access to web based applications and allows you to surf the web with the confidence that comes from knowing your data is secure and your surfing habits are private.
Refer to the chart below for access parameters to the SSH protected web proxy server if you will be using your own secure tunneling software. This information is automatically set up for you if you use our free SecureNNTP (SN) -Launcher Tunneling software.
Connection Port: 22
Port Forward Port: 8080
Protected Usenet access- If you already have a account and you purchased the full web surfing/Usenet package or if you purchased only the Usenet package you'll need this information too. has teamed up with and to bring you the ultimate secure Usenet experience.We've combined the unbeatable retention, speed and completion of's Usenet servers with the inpenetrable security of's SSH tunnel. You can now browse Usenet newsgroups with total confidence. Your IP address cannot be tracked, and your downloads cannot be monitored. Our servers are strategically colocated with direct internal connections to's servers to ensure that no unsecured data ever leaves the network and your browsing and posting habits cannot be exposed.
Refer to the chart below for access parameters to the SSH protected news proxy server
Connection Port: 22
Port Forward Port: 119
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